Our mission is to Compel people to Jesus, Chase God, Conform to Him, Condition for victory, Commit to achieve purpose, Connect with other believers, and Conquer until He returns.


Mission Statement Amplified Versioin:

Our mission is to; Compel [have a powerful and irresistible effect on, or influence] people to Jesus, Chase [seek after, or pursue in order to seize and experience all of] God, Conform [become similar in form, nature and character] to Him, Condition [develop or form the habits, thoughts, and behavior through discipline, instruction and practice] for victory, Commit [pledge or engage oneself, individually and collectively] to purpose, Connect [join, link, fasten together, unite or bind] with other believers, and Conquer [takeover, occupy, overcome by force and subdue] until He returns.

You can learn more about how we are accomplishing each aspect of our mission by clicking on the tab menu located in the top left hand corner of the webpage..